Saturday, October 30, 2010

La Femme Nikita (1990)

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Director: Luc Besson

Genre: Crime | Drama | Romance | Thriller

Nikita is a young lady who with two Nihilist friends commit robbery and murder while on drugs. After her trial she is not executed or taken to prison, but to a school for special operatives. She is told that Nikita no longer exists and she will be trained to pay back society for what she has done, as a spy/assassin. She is trained for over two years and with no warning is handed a gun in a restaurant and told to kill the man at the next table as her handler leaves.

Anne Parillaud —Nikita
Marc Duret — Rico
Patrick Fontana — Coyotte
Alain Lathière — Zap
Laura Chéron — La punk
Jacques Boudet — Le pharmacien
Helene Aligier — La pharmacienne
Pierre-Alain de Garrigues — Flic pharmacie
Patrick Pérez — Flic pharmacie
Bruno Randon — Flic pharmacie
Vincent Skimenti — Flic pharmacie
Roland Blanche — Flic interrogatoire
Joseph Teruel — Stagiaire flic
Jacques Disses — Avocat
Stéphane Fey — President tribunal
Philippe Dehesdin — 1er magistrat
Michel Brunot — 2ème magistrat
Rodolph Freytt — 1er infirmier
Pavel Slaby — 2ème infirmier
Tchéky Karyo — Bob
Jean-Luc Caron — Professeur d'informatique
Rénos Mandis — Professeur de tir
Jean-Marc Merchet — Professeur de judo
Jeanne Moreau — Amande
Philippe Leroy Beaulieu — Grossman
Patrick Serrière — Chauffeur Bob
Iska Khan — Homme restaurant
Heike Fisher — Femme restaurant
Patrick Buiquangda — 1er garde du corps
Eddie Gaydu — 2ème garde du corps
Jose Steinmann — 3ème garde du corps
Philippe Hernando — 4ème garde du corps
Gérard Touratier — Gardien porte blindée
Jean Bedin — Armurier
Edith Perret — Dame agence
Jean-Hugues Anglade — Marco
Jean-Pierre Pauty — Homme bar hôtel
Michel Campa — Homme ècoute
Murray Gronwall — Responsable hôtel
Pierrick Charpentier — Flic hôtel
Rafael Sultan — Flic hôtel

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